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1 definition by hermanbrood

A person who generally aces everything from sports to education. A Jaap is known to be great as a friend, a Jaap will make everyone laugh all the time and won't ever let you down. A Jaap is also widely known to be successful in business. Basically, being a Jaap is considered being a rolemodel in everything that is considered important in western society.
Last but not least, Jaaps have dicks longer and thicker than a motherfucker, regularly fucking bitches silly in all three holes before making them swallow a huge load.
Guy: Yo, ya heard? Jaap is in the city again! We'z gonna get our party on tonight!
Girl: Dawg you just heard that shit right now? He's been here all week pounding my ass, why the hell do you think I walk like this? sheeeit.
by hermanbrood April 03, 2009