a Black Ninja Turtle who used to live in a sewer because he was afraid of the ghetto.
Ja Rule:What're you doin here Timberlake?!
Justin Timberlake: Running away from the ghetto, yo.
by NeedaPottyBreak November 22, 2003
Jeffrey "Ja Rule" Atkins was at one time a successful rapper. He tried to imitate Tupac and miserebly failed lyrically and in conception of the fans. He has done a lot of duets with Ashanti but started singing his own hooks. His voice resembles that of Sesame Street character Cookie Monster. His career is largely overshadowed by his beef with 50 Cent, which grew to involve Eminem, D12, G-Unit, Busta Rhymes and Obie Trice. He suffered a lyrical assault at the hands the Interscop/Aftermath rappers. Since then, he has tried to pick up what's left of the shattered pieces of his career.
Kid: Mommy, who's that wack rapper singing on TV that sounds like Cookie Monster?

Mom: Oh, that's Ja Rule, honey

Kid: Damn, he sucks!
by John-Jacob Jingleheimer-Smitt April 08, 2006
Little rat faced midget piece of shit.
Bob: Wow, that washroom stinks!
Joe: Thats because somebody forgot to flush their ja rule
by DaVeY-KsOiEhAwO February 21, 2005
Ja Rule Fucking Sucks!!!! He sings like the cookie monster and im not just sayin that cuz other ppl are.Have u heard him rap?!He cant rap with out having a partner. He sings all the soft songs with chicks and then 50 comes out and fucking disses him like he deserves bcuz hes a fucking wanksta and then he tries to diss 50.Ja sucks ass. If you hate 50 and G-Unit and you like this punk ass faggot you must be fucking retarded. Ja is fake.50 is real. Ja never been in the ghetto in his life, never sold drugs, got shot, shot or killed anyone, yet he's in murder inc. None of his shit sells bcuz 50 has shown everyone hes a fake ass bitch.Pretty Much every rapper/group is on 50's side like D12,Obie Trice, Em. Ja gets Fat Joe to stand up for him and Joe prolly dont like him anyway. Ja Sucks . thats the bottom line.
Ja rule should die. He tries to be 2Pac.He's a wanksta.Not a true nigga.
by epd June 20, 2005
A little rat. Look at his rat-face when he laughs.
Fuck Ja Rule
by biatch November 23, 2003
Ja-Rule is a wannabe gangsta rapper, he got no flow and he's always with that stupid bitchass sideburned ashanti
Ja-Rule, a real wanksta
by G-UnitSoldier November 19, 2005
ja rule fell off harder than anyone in the history of mankind. the label he is signed to, murder inc, got murdered in a sense that no one will ever listen to another ja rule song with a straight face. Ja Rule...did not rule.
i.e. Yo vincent man, u fell off like ja rule!
by The Brown One April 24, 2005

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