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wanksta. Fake ass gangsta that aint popped shit, that aint shit to no one. ggggggggg- G UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!
URV, BLACK CHILD, TAH. bUT NOT U ashanti, u no how i feel about u baby
A faggot who thinks he is cool and can only have certain rappers on his album like...and that girl whos songs always consist of "aww baby" "ooo baby"
ja rule is a faggot.
by chief chink September 02, 2003
to be deluded into speaking out one's own fantasies , believing that repetionous use will bring about fact....
by slap a n***a.com July 23, 2003
A very good rapper who is hated on by people who desperatley want to win affection from 50 Cent. Even though they will never meet 50 Cent they will buy a vibrator, and have "Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson" engraved on it, then stick it up their faggot asses while they suck their best mate's dick.
In conclusion, only diss rappers if you have actually heard a good deal of their songs, you ignorant motherfuckers.
Fag #1: I hate on Ja Rule coz it might help me get to suck 50's cock someday.

Fag #2: But ya never gonna meet 50 so what's the point. Just suck on my dick.

Me: Yo faggot haters... (Shoots the faggot haters and cruises off)
by the wickedest September 22, 2006
a wack ass rapper who has to turn his back on a album shoot to get more records

Ja Rule = shit/insult

"you look like Ja Rule"
by j0r93 November 05, 2005
Dumb Fuck, cock sucker, faggiot, thinks he's all that.... mother fucker...... hated by eminem....
President Bush is a Ja Rule
by V April 23, 2005
gay, retarded, stupid
he cant sing/rap/whatever else he tries worth shit.
by viyda March 07, 2005