One who needs to clear one's throat.
Shit Ja Rule, swallow, cough, do something.
by whitey January 30, 2005
A worthless ass rap artist who started the rap and b craze that we are now stuck in. Instead of rap we get every nigga in the world tryin to sing booty music just because this faggot did it first. Thank you so fucking much you little faggot. I hope you die horribly or do something even more stupid with your life so we can coin your lame ass name as something more. Sellout little bitch...
Any black man on MTV.
by thereason21 January 07, 2005
the definition of retard
ja rule is so retarded, he made rap look retarded, just like simple plan did 2 rock!
by will e. c December 06, 2004
a guy who is rich for displaying his "talent" or lackthereof. appearently liked by individuals too stupid to realize what real talent is.
ja rule is a dumb fuck with no talent.
by phjls83 August 24, 2003
A friggin' idiot who cant rap a song without a female R&B singer.
Ja rule should go get shot by fitty cent.
by Brittany August 23, 2003
Horrible. Used to be gangsta rapper, turned pop and lost his gear. Now has a vaginal problem and has since developed ovaries. Still sounds like someones stompin his neck when he spittin. He blows end of story.
"Holy crap...that's ja rule isnt it?"
"yeah man, throw something at it"
by bahu February 06, 2005
A scared little boy who has to be protected at all times; Faggot, Bitch, Girl, Turtle, Wanna be gangsta
Cant keep his head up
by Chris January 15, 2005

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