Jeffrey Atkins (born February 29, 1976), better known by his stage name Ja Rule, is an American rapper and actor signed to The Inc. and Universal Records, formerly of Def Jam Recordings. He was born in Queens, New York to Debra Atkins, a health care worker.He was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses by his mother and grandparents. At the age of five, his sister died from breathing complications, leaving him as an only child. He attended PS 186, a mixed school, but was later transferred to MS 172, another mixed school, due to daily fights he would be involved in.n April 2001, Ja Rule married Aisha Murray and had two children, daughter Britney and son Jeffrey Jr. He and Murray had been friends since they met in high school.In 1999, he along with the rest of Murder Inc. were brought up on charges for assaulting 50 Cent, which led to a restraining order against them for 50. Also in 2003, he punched a man in Toronto for shouting at him in a crowd because of the 50 Cent feud. This man later sued Ja Rule, but they settled out of court. In 2004, police investigated whether a feud involving The Inc. led to fatal shooting outside a nightclub party hosted by Ja Rule. In July 2007, Ja Rule was arrested for gun and drug possession charges along with Lil Wayne.

Everyones b!tchin' on him now 'coz hes got beef with Eminem And Fifty. Mainly because he mentioned Eminems daughter, Hailie Jade Scott 's name in a song.

"Em you claim your mothers a crack-head
And Kims a well known slut
So whats hailie gonna be when she grows up..??"

50 Cent (Curtis Jackson)destroyed Ja Rule after that. Lyrically obviously. But some Ja Rule Fans stay loyal.

You have to admit, his voice is sexy.
Even if he isnt....x]]
Ja Rule is best-known for hits such as "Holla, Holla", "Put It On Me", "Between Me And You", "I'm Real", "Livin' It Up", "Always On Time", "Mesmerize", "Wonderful" and "New York", Ja Rule has released seven albums to date and sold over 20 million albums worldwide.
by Bex. O'x March 28, 2009
Top Definition
Rapper who thinks he can sing. Can't do anyhting without Ashanti.
Mezmerized (or whatever that song is called) has got to be one of the worst songs of all time, which is, unsurprisingly, by Ja Rule
by Alex January 26, 2003
the wack ass rapper who sounds like the cookie monster
50 dissed ja rule about sounding like the cookie monster
by Jennifer July 17, 2004
Another word used for a fungal infection
damn, i forgot to wash my feet now theyre covered in ja rule
by fufu January 22, 2004
An ass-rapper who will not survive one day in a REAL ghetto.
Ja Rule is so ugly he could give a sewer rat nightmares.
by rap hater July 15, 2003
A stain in your underwear caused by insufficient wiping.
I had to do an extra load of laundry to get the Ja Rules off my whites.
by Matthew November 01, 2004
Some rapper who grew up in a rich neighborhood and thinks he's ghetto as fuck, and even has a label called Murder Inc., even though he's never commited a crime in his life and never will.
Ja Rule is a wanksta
by representing the D January 07, 2005
A synonym for for very watery and acidic diarrhea
The toilet seat and cover at the public washroom were covered in Ja Rule.
by Mariola October 06, 2004
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