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Homo-erotic coastguard member
J_Smith is only gay when underway
by anyonymous March 30, 2005
<noun> <person, knuckledragging>

Arfcom doofus. Regularly likes to post in as retarded a manner as possible on the BEST website online,

Usually regarded as a slow witted mouth-breathing bipedal mammal. Generally does not make sense, except to itself.
All your J_Smiths are belong to me.
by Arfcom Staff March 30, 2005
AKA Coastie_Walrus. A member of the US Coast Guard. Has big guns, might be gay.
<J_Smith> Hey guys check out my huge gun
by Mister Floppy March 30, 2005
All-seeing all knowing god who oversees Arfcom; an impecable warrior and man of virtue. Strong and notable. Fearless. Gun nut
J_Smith is the shiznit......he been playah hatin' see 1984 beeaches....recognize.
by RickJames March 29, 2005
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