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JV superstar; Jimmy Barton, Dick Clark, Luke Perry, Shawon Gibbons, Big Red, Frank
Savostano and Kole Young; the man the mith the legend
Yo, Dick and Jimmy, your playing varsity tonight, no more jv superstars
(dick and jimmy) not if they cant find us
when i say JV, you say Superstar
JV what is your profession

(JV team); succeed where varsity has failed
by skierkid226 August 30, 2008

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someone who is committed to not committing themselves; one who brings underachieving to a higher standard than all others.
The Great Captain Kole Young was the greastest JV superstar to ever live.
by BigfrankieJ August 30, 2008
a person who excells at underacheiving; a varsity level player playing on Jv
elvis is a jv superstar
by Popo77 August 31, 2008