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Acronym for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, which has the purpose of "motivating young people to become better citizens". It is arguably one of the best programs offered in high school. It is taught by retired army instructors (both enlisted and commissioned). Students who are enrolled in the program are called cadets. The typical weekly schedule for a JROTC program is: Drill and ceremony once a week, physical training once a week, uniform inspection once a week, and academics twice a week. Aside from the minimum standard of attending class, there are also optional teams available for the more involved and dedicated cadets to be a part of which include drill team, raider team, rifle team, color guard, honor guard, etc. JROTC units also attend annual camping trips in the fall, spring, and summer. The class is harder to fail then it is to pass with an A since the book work is relatively easy and limited.
JROTC is horribly portrayed as a war machine used to brain wash high school students by anti-war protesters, claiming that it promotes violence, sexism, racism, etc. they also make false claims that the majority of JROTC cadets enlist in the armed forces upon graduation from high school when, in fact, the lot of them go on to further education and become leaders in the civilian and/or military field.
In my opinion, the only downside to the program is the fact that ANYONE can join it, therefore allowing fuck offs who are only in it to get an "easy A" to make the program look retarded.
Cadet 1: wow, i love JROTC. i dont know what id do without it

Cadet 2: Im just in it to get an easy A

Cadet 1: Go fuck yourself...
by statechamp0809 June 13, 2008
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1. An elective class that you can take in high school. Stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Highly misunderstood. People think that this class is just a gateway for students to go straight into the military after high school. However, this is a class that teaches you important values that you may need in your life. Easily the greatest class offered at some schools. The schedule is usually two days of acedemics, uniform inspection day, a day of drill sequences, and physical training (pt). Usually considered to be a very easy class and the students in the class are just there to have an A in at least one class. Students in JROTC are considered to be cadets, and as their knowledge on things such as flag-folding, proper uniform wear, and other things, as does their rank. There are four different sections to JROTC. There is AFJROTC, which is Air Force, AJROTC which is Army, MCJROTC which is Marine Corps, and NJROTC which is Navy. There are different teams you can belong to through JROTC such as drill team and color guard.

2.The best class ever. People in JROTC are close with each other and their teacher(s).
1. Being a cadet in a JROTC program is a good thing because it teaches you important values.

2.Mess with one cadet, you've got the rest of them, and possibly some former Armed Service men ready to get you.
by Savanna Storm February 05, 2010
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(Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) A program designed by the United States military to instill discipline, patriotism, integrity, and honor into high school students who choose to take the course as an elective. The program also counts as a P.E. credit towards the students graduation. Also, students who have completed two years of JROTC are able to enlist into the real United States military as an E-3.
Extra-curricular activities involved with JROTC include Armed and Unarmed drill teams. Orienteering (Land Navigation), Rocketry, Sea Cruise, Color Guard, Rifle Team and more.
by 2nice101 August 17, 2008
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The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) is a Federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools across the United States. The program was originally created as part of the National Defense Act of 1916 and later expanded under the 1964 ROTC Vitalization Act.
Are you going to J-ROTC?
by dddeeeeaaaaaaannnnnnnnn September 04, 2009
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The mission of JROTC is to encourage young people to become better citizens. There's usually days for drill & ceremony, PT, uniform inspection, and academics. There are also teams that you choose to join after school such as Drill Team, Color Guard, Rifle Team, Raiders, etc. JROTC students are also usually in charge of flag detail (raising/lowering the US and state flag in front of the school) in the morning and afternoon. You get cords, ribbons, arches, and medals for joining teams, attending parades, getting good grades, etc. JROTC usually has a bunch of attractive, in-shape guys ;)
Kendra: Hey Jane, have you seen our battalion XO?
Jane: XO?
Kendra: Oh, right you're not in JROTC. Well, he's probably the hottest guy to ever walk the earth
by Karissa_Kane November 10, 2013
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An elective in high school you can take simply for the high school credit. It counts as 1 practical arts credit per year. Everything military-esque that is done in the class is completly optional. A cadet does not have to wear his uniform if he/she does not want too; for example. Another thing that is often misunderstood is that by doing JROTC in high school you are NOT obligated to ANY sort of military commitment once you finish high school.
Guy: Hey man I see you're in JROTC, what branch are you going into when you graduate?
Guy2: Haha, you don't have to join the military if you're in JROTC, I'm just in it for the fun.
by idgafwhatmynameis April 14, 2010
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A very large, obnoxious, exclusive, cult-like organization run by the US army in public high schools to give a sense of self-entitlement to students who lack the ability to speak for themselves. If you go to a school with a JROTC program, expect them to talk down on you, ignore you, and possibly throw food at you. They are basically the new version of the 80's movie football jocks.

Most of them are FUCK YEAH 'MERICA types who do nothing but talk about their guns and their ranks and how elite they are, when really everyone else just thinks they're tools. Often times they talk loudly about going overseas to "kill some terrorists", but most of them have never been out of the tri-state area or fired a gun, and it's easy to imagine them crying and cowering in an actual war. They tend to be pretty racist too.
Ughh, there go the JROTC kids. Let's leave before they start throwing food.

I loathe the JROTC.
by 'Merica_in_highschool April 14, 2013
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Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.A class for high school students that like the military.
I'm in jrotc so I'm better than you!
by Strappon May 16, 2003
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