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A favorite past time for all humans of all ages and sex (mainly males). The acronym stands for "jack off knock out."
"hey what did you do last night"
"nothing much, just the usual. JOKO"
"Hey me too"
by JSAG January 10, 2008
Acronym - Jack Off, Knock Out

Verb -
1) To masturbate with the intent of falling asleep shortly thereafter.
2) To suddenly orgasm with excitement.
Q: "What'd you end up doing last night?"
A: "Played some WOW and Joko'd."
by stokejob March 05, 2010
The act of masturbating and then falling asleep immediately after.
I had an important paper to do, but instead I suffered a J.O.-K.O.
by Tha937 October 07, 2011
acronym for jack off knock out
i recommended my friend to j.o.k.o. because he couldn't sleep.
by mcbean July 07, 2006
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