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Short for "Jiggling Man Boobs." The repulsive, yet somehow hypnotic undulations that occur when an over-sized man's chest bounces around like soft jelly during an earthquake.
That dude has JMB's of mass-repulsion.
by elgog May 20, 2009
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Jiggle My Balls
Him- yooo wuss good i herd u wuss talkin shit bout me..

Me-Yea nigguh JMB . mofo
by Sk!ttl3sz April 09, 2010
Juggalo Mafia Bitch!!! Red and Black colors
JMB is the shit. They mad hard yo.
by eli926 September 03, 2008
abbreviation for Juggalo Mafia Bitch. Gang created in mid 2008.
Blood: Yo i see you reppin blood wit the red rag

JMB: Nah fuck that im reppin JMB. I got the red and black bitch!!!
by BigBUD926 August 31, 2008

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