An asshole who's only basketball talent is shooting the three pointer. He is easily compared to the likes of Mark Price and Rex Chapman.
"Look at JJ Redick. He has 'DICK' in his last name, AND he sucks at basketball."
by hexum January 19, 2005
jj redick is one of the HOTTEST players in the WORLD!!!not only is he hot he is a GREAT player and rolemodel!!!
J.J. is my hero, rolemodel and idol.
by jjlover4 March 15, 2005
only the hottest guy in the world and definitely one of the best college basketball players today...
one day i will marry J.J. Redick
by Shaina June 03, 2004
1. JJ Redick is a respectable basketball player, with a very nice shot and good all around game, but is hated by all other fans of other teams in the ACC, espescially my TERPS fans out there. 2. I fucked his 12 year old sister.
JJ Redick's 12 year old sister has a loose pussy.
by terps dominatttttttttteeeeeeee March 14, 2005
Redick, born Jonathan Clay Redick, is currently a sophmore at Duke. An inconsisent, but extremely pure shooter. One of the best-looking college basketball players. Like most normal college students, was caught smoking pot in a dorm. Got off with a warning. Led all scorers on Duke in his sophmore season. Broke the ACC consecutive free-throw record.
J.J Redick is your average, pot-smoking, good looking, college student, who just so happens to be an extrememly talented shooter.
by dukedancer77 April 09, 2004
The most hated player in college basketball unless you attend Duke. He hasnt done anything to do this other than the fact he is cocky and good.
Fan1: Yo did you see the Duke game?
Fan2: Yeah Duke sucks, and so does JJ Redick
by Wajda Blue March 17, 2005

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