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When a drunk, limp dick is trying to be stuffed unsuccessfully into a vagina
"It's 3am and the bars are closed, looks like that girl is going to get Jet Puffed tonight"

Jane: "Dang girl, he was so wasted, I totally got Jet Puffed"
Sally: "Damn marshmallow dick"
by L.P.T.L September 13, 2012

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the act of being extremely high
Dude, did you see Aaron last night?

Yeahhhh, he was SO jetpuffed.
by chocolatemilk69 December 03, 2009
the act of getting screwed over by a fat person. The person doesn't necessarily need to be overweight at the time of the encounter.

Originated from Kraft Marshmallows Brand "Jet-Puffed"
952): "My boyfriend cheated on me..."
480): "Who cares, wasn't he fat"
952): "Ya, I really got Jet-Puffed!"

Man I really got Jet-Puffed, I was late, standing in line at the grocery store and this little fat kid cut in front of my to buy a candy bar.
by MsJBootie November 30, 2009