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JDT is an abreviation for 'Jamie donne tête', which is a French phrase. You can translate it on the internet.

JDT is often used to annoy people called Jamie (or any other name beginning with J).
*Laughing* "Look Jamie! That cars license plate says JDT!"
*Frowning* "I'm going to kill who ever invented JDT!"
by NOSIOd June 03, 2006
JDT stands for Jeffrey Dahmer Time. When you get pissed off at some guy or girl when you're with a group of friends and you about to beat they ass.
Guy 1: Hey boy shut yo dumbass up you dumb bitch!

Guy 2: Keep talking to me like that son i'm going to go JDT on yo bitchass
by cwillie09 January 25, 2010
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