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A young male, usually african american (as implied by the name) who has potential in the field of hip hop music and keeps his pimp hand strong in times of dire need. Is also usually afraid of commitment and hates binary code.
JCJ is going to the top.
by Tittyman546 July 30, 2011
An acronym for "you have just completely misunderstood my intentions, and I am simply allowing you to do so in order to entertain myself at your ignorance."
Dmitri: "Your gf is pretty generous, mind if I go ask a favor?"

Lagoyavitch: "Sure, we've been going steady for a year."

Dmitri: "JCJ"

Lagoyavitch: "What?"

Dmitri: "Never mind, seeya."
by Argetlam42 January 14, 2009
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