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JBR stands for "Just Be Real". Used between good friends who are down-to-earth and real with each other. Group of real people who can relate and stay away from "unreal" and fake and shady people. often affiliated with NBp which is used between a group of close and "real" friends that can relate and is down to do anything for each other. Never Bail (NB)

"hey jerrys shady"
"yah lets beat him up and show him wassup, JBR"
by samdy January 17, 2007
A sexual act of the most foul nature. Involves the male squatting on the edge of the bed in a catcher's position, while his dirty little shaft penetrates the woman's anus while her back is against the side of the bed. Then, after anal ejaculation, the disgusting couple proceed to have anal 69 with the male on top as to provide maximum perenium exposure.
So I was railing this chick when she asked for the JBR so I said what the fuck and hit her.

I gave this chick a JBR last night and she woke up with a chocolate mustache.
by Dicky Walker November 07, 2011
Japan born retard see dirty jap and yuki nakamura
yuki nakamura is a jbr
by -Pr0n-yyy April 29, 2005

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