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Just Being Honest!

simple as that
John: dude wtf is up with your hair ?

Bill: you're mean :(

John: JBH bro!
by Brody Cool :) September 24, 2009
A school that is better then Burbank high ( also located in Burbank, Cali) but not better then any other school in the whole wide world.....
This one time I was in Iraq and I saw a school much like Burroughs.
by JBHS guy December 27, 2004
Just Barely Hard

description of where you're describing your sexual attraction to the opposite gender in a bar that just about meets your expectations for sexual intercourse
What do you think of that lady in the corner with the droopy eye steve?

JBH mate...
by stargatemunky December 21, 2011
Jew be honest

Variation of 'to be honest'. Can be applied to statements that relate heavily to Jewish stereotypes.
"I can't pass up on a good sale jbh"

"jbh, I need to take a shower"
by Ditnos February 04, 2012
A cool school in a fucked up town.
JBHS is where all the people I defined GO.
by claire December 29, 2004
My school. It depends on my mood, Bad day: God, Burroughz fuckin sucks. Good day: Thank GOD FOR BURROUGHS!!! Burroughs could be worse or better although I do like the burbank district better then most....
Depending on my mood Burroughs is fuckin GOOD or BAD
by Meesh December 27, 2004
A horrible diss to give anyone. " Don't you attend JBHS?"
A big school in a small town
by laura dean from JBHS December 26, 2004
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