a mixture of jizz and shat. like when something amazes you.
"holy shit! that song was badass. i just jat myself!"
by metaldrummer666 February 02, 2010
Pronounced "JUT" Derived from the Cape Coloured word Majat (South Africa). Used to describe something that is of poor quality. Mainly used to describe poor quality weed.
i.e. I bought a bankie from the car guard on 10th avenue, it was jat and full of seeds!
by Killface1 January 05, 2010
Just A Thought. Used by ass-hats when they have a dumb idea that is impossible, but won't admit it and just keep saying, "It's JAT (just a thought)."
Moron123: What if we could turn our pee into rocket ships?
SmartGuy: That's impossible!
Moron123: Dude, knock it off. It was JAT.
SmartGuy: No Moron, thoughts take a brain.
by elanderholm May 09, 2006
1. To clean yourself using your own saliva, like what a cat does, except what Jat does.

2. To cut someone off while walking in a group.

3. To try to make friends with someone by following them around 24/7
1. The homeless man had to Jat himself to stay clean.

2. Bubba was getting really annoyed at Henry because Henry was trying to Jat him and walk next to Pam.

3. The greasy child jatted Ollie all day, every day, trying to become his closest friend
by O Dog August 26, 2007

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