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Though commonly mistaken for being Japanese, JAPanism is the process of being controlled by JAP (jewish-american-princess) or being a connection with someone under a JAP. The JAP is generally the mother, girl-friend, and/or wife in the situation and keeps all those close to her under a tight leash. She is generally disliked by the friends of those under her control and when something does not work for her, she unleashes a devilish shriek that may leave some unconscious. Some symptoms of JAPanism include failure to keep a plan/promise/date, unreliability, and late-night gatherings. If you or someone you know is under the JAPanistic flu, please contact your local doctor or banker for more information. Remember it is a highly contagious situation and is to be treated with the upmost importance.
My friend Betty just got JAPanism. Now she can't go swimming with us.

Man, that guy is such a JAPanistic. He needs to talk to a doctor....or lawyer.
by Dr. NoUrStuff February 08, 2010
The state of being completely engulfed by the Japanese culture. Used a lot to describe cheesy otakus. A person that has Japanism is usually trying so hard to speak to you in Japanese and shoving the latest version of Shonen Jump in your face while slurping the latest vesion of the Final Fantasy Advent Children energy drink, Potion
Person A: I heard that Inuyasha is number one in the whole entire world for Manga!

Person B: Are you insane?!?!?!

Person A: Sorry, I have Japanism disease
by Halliepanda December 07, 2006
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