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It is a short way to write the Arabic- Islamic phrase Jazak Allah Khair.

It means may Allah reward you with goodness.

It is the Islamic way to express your thanks to a person.
JAK for inviting me to come over.

JAK for your positive feedback.

JAK for this video i lol'd
by blackbeltedninja May 10, 2009
172 46
Jak, from the PS2 games 'Jak and Daxter'.The protagonist of series, an extremely handsome male with dashing 'yellow-green' hair, and carrys his best friend Daxter on his shoulder everwhere he goes in his adventures.
'Jak comes in, firing his gun at every moving person at sight ,and then steals a predestrian's hover car'

Krimzon Guard: 'witnesses this, pulls out walky talkye' I suspect suspicious behaviour in sector 6.
by Evolutis September 12, 2012
16 11
An Irish slang word meaning the toilet.
"Quick lads i need to get to a jaks now!"
"Her house smells like a jaks"
by wardy2k9 March 15, 2009
10 7
Biggest faggend On The Planet
Jak:Guess What M8.
Jak:Fuck You
by Rushedd July 27, 2010
35 43
ny/nj slang for cell phone.
hit me on my jak after 7 cuz thats when my minutes are free
by clsick August 20, 2009
32 64
jak is short for jakky, which is short for jacqueline, which is obviously the hottest name ever. so LOVE IT!
bro, i wish i could be a jak. *sighh
by jakky October 24, 2004
32 71
jak is a nob cunt, who looks like diego marodonna he also docks
jak docks diego maradonna because he is cunt
by totneam are shit October 06, 2004
35 79