jak is short for jakky, which is short for jacqueline, which is obviously the hottest name ever. so LOVE IT!
bro, i wish i could be a jak. *sighh
by jakky October 24, 2004
(n.) An extremely cool person, espicially if preceded by the adjective "Mighty"
That MightyJAK is one bad...
Shut your mouth!
Just talking about JAK!
I can dig it.
by MightyJAK December 15, 2003
Noun: An amazing band out of Minneapolis Minnesota, whos music is comfort to many.
"Wow this band JAK is amazing, I love them so much! We should check them out on myspace"
by Center May 05, 2005
an idiot who is a jerk to everyone.
this type of person is mostly active in tennis and soccer
but he is just in it to screw around
they are mostly class clowns that make fun of the quiet kids
they have many personal jokes with their "possy" of other jaks or "jakettes"

dude your such a jak.
wtf man, dont be a jak
did you just say you are gonna cut me, fucking jak.
by cullen jenkins April 23, 2008
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