A group of hot-Tays consisting of girls who just wanna have fun. Various activites including: extreme chinese fire drills, skinny dipping, pleasuring dust bunnies, german raving, kidnapping, online chats, ip relaying, spooning, many discussions on various topics all leading to SEX, loving Jesus, and most of all NAKED TIME. All of these girls include: Jessica, Anne, Bekah, Emily, Lara, and Stacy.
Jessica: "Let's talk about sex, I WANT IT!"
Anne: "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."
Bekah: "Pile in my Mexican car, it's the only one that will fit us all. Wait where's my hubcap?"
Emily: "I like to nibble you, all over."
Lara: "Guys, people might think that we are lesbians."
Stacy: "Is it ok if I poo on that tree over there? Cause I already did."
by Bubba March 02, 2005
Top Definition
These fine ladies are HOTTTTTTT
Q: I'm new in town. Where should I go to partaaay? A: Wherever the Jabels are!!!!!
by Bubba March 27, 2005
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