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A piece of paper inside the case of a cassette tape that tells you what's on it. So called because it looks like the letter J from the side.
Guy 1: Thanks for the mixtape, what did you put on it?
Guy 2: Look at the J-card, man.
Guy 1: Scatman John? Thanks bro!
by YourBatteryIsLow April 05, 2013
Used for either any Asian: gay male, female clique leader, or female person who is typically antagonistic.

In many forms of media there are: ie. Queen Bee type characters, but this one is specifically for people of Asian appearance who fall in to that category.

They come in the form of pompous, arrogant, and narcissistic individuals who enjoys putting others down for personal gain; such as: Popularity, revenge, or simply for pleasure and amusement.

To not be confused with being a diva, for in reality the jcard is quite different and will often not get along with a diva or other snobbish persons due to a prominent power struggle.

The jcard likes to believe that everyone loves them and that they are extremely popular; whereas most of their popularity comes from fear and intimidation.

The name jcard originated from the player hotjcard on the virtual teens hangout of: Habbo Hotel. She was distinctive due to her relentless pursuits to becoming rich, successful and popular. Doing so she caused a girl to commit suicide via Virtual Bullying.
Attractive Asian Girl: Girl: Out of my way, losers.

Bystander: God, she's such a jcard...

Heather: "Sorry, I have this policy of not talking to losers...".

Sam: Damn... what a bitchy jcard!

Nicky: Dude, don't mess with her, she's like: Satan or something...

Beth: Oh my god, have you seen Tiffany's Drisdales outfit?

Kendra: Duh, who hasn't? she's the jcard of the school...
by neocat12 April 28, 2012
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