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A legendary kid that lives in da bridge, who is the originator of the term Cocksmoking. He models his life after the book The Outsiders, and occasionally screams "Do it for Jonny man!". He supposedly lives with a sister in da bridge, who is the creepiest person you will ever see. He is also cousin to a man made of steel, who is unbreakable. J-White is a druggie, and a parent-to-be. He is also in a band allegedly named "18 inches of pain". J-White sightings are extremely rare. Recent sightings describe him as looking "Frankenstien-ish". Calling someone J-White is generally used satirically to describe a druggie.
Christian: Wow, you see that kid over there?
Raffy: Man, what a druggie, he's so burnt.
Tyler: Dude! I think that's J-White!
by Peter Shaw the G master February 12, 2008
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