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A super hard on. The best a man can get.
Trisha, that trick daddy ova there got one big ass J-Rod goin' ONNNN!
by jarred retro April 26, 2008
a person with style. can dance and has many talents.
everyone wants to party with. the enbodyment of awesome.
That guy is Jrod in the club.

I like it when a person has a Jrod like time
by jarred87 May 21, 2008
1) To continue to turn down or "poon" out on your friends.

2) To make plans and at the last minute break prior said engagement.
He said he was going to play golf today but he J-Rodded at the last minute.
by Sweaty Bear December 01, 2009
-the CHEMIST who extracted from his heart's elements, compassion, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise, and forgiveness and compounded them into ONE and created that atom which is called LOVE.

-a cute sweet and cuddly person

-a life changer

-a short, great person with a wonderful personality

-to know J-Rod is to love J-Rod
I love J-Rod with all my heart and soul.
by Maida Jeannine February 03, 2007
A nerd that plays PC games, and sits all day on his computer talking trash about people better than him.
Jesus stop being a JROD! Get a damn life!
guy from tx not san antonio who will absolutley drop your ass.
JROD dropped your ass bitch.
by jrod March 10, 2005
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