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A name used to describe a cute little asian that is obsessed with video games and generally studies economics. Typically an underachiever due to various Indian and Asian friends under the steady influence of the pop fictional "Harold and Kumar" the J-Park relishes his unique situation as the underperforming asian. A J-Park is very well tempered and will happily get drunk in group situations. The J-Park often floats social settings bringing with him a positive and serene vibe. The J-Park is a special creature and should be both admired and respected.
Wow how the hell did Kirby just spike me like that? He's a J-Park man he has been studying that shit on the Net all day

Man all (insert name here)'s family went to Berkeley but he is going to UCSD - yeah he's such a J-Park
by RobertGlavas October 01, 2007
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The most amazing person in the world
I want a Jpark
by hanro March 21, 2012

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