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The J-hawk, or Jay-hawk, is a Mohawk worn by Optic J. Name derived from a Mohawk and J's name. He is a member of Optic nation. Although he was recently dropped for Optic Carlos. Jhawk FTW. End Story. Known for its pure awesomeness. The hawk can only be worn by Optic J or anyone else with over size testicles. Origin: the origin of the J-hawk originated on the 24/7 Machinima live stream, where they were trying to reach prestige 15 on Call of duty: black ops. This "J-hawk" was birthed by a pregnant porpoise who traveled from the norwegian seas to the Americas where the "J-Hawk" was found pirched on top of a man known as Optic J.
mohawk + optic J = Jhawk.
random: ITS OPTIC J!
epic random: ITS A J-hawk!
by epicmanpenisfacenomnom November 18, 2010

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