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A holiday celebration paying tribute to His Airness on the 23rd of each month, plus an extra J Day on February 3rd (2/3). Commemorators honor his glory by wearing Air Jordan sneakers/apparel, listening to rap music making reference to Michael Jordan, watching/quoting Space Jam, smoking J's when appropriate, and other assorted MJ related activities.
"Picked up some fresh 11's for J Day next month"
"J Day, nigga. J Day!"
by thebonedaddy March 28, 2015
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J-Day, 2nd of May every Year all around New Zealand potheads, stoners, and supporters of the NORML organisation come together in peace to protest the harsh and un-nessasary prohibition of Marijuana. The best four hours you will spend all year. Free tunes, buds and munchies.
Stoner: Hey man lets go to J-day!
Pothead: Nah, fuck that i dont really feel like sharing my weed with 400 broke stoners.

Stoner: Your and asshole!
Pothead: yea but i got more weed then you!
by Demonfel May 11, 2009

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