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It's a term used when working in the field. When the job is getting tough you have to get back up, dust yourself off, fire up a joint and keep working.

i.e. Joint Up, Spark up a J, Smoke em if you've got em.
In example when Land Surveying: The Party Chief might say, "Let's all j up in the low ground and get this job finished!" or "It's time to J Up!"
by The Frost Pin March 30, 2005
Jup. Net slang for yup.
A mix between yup and jeah
<PriNcess UnfiNite>im gonna give everyone a download limiter
<PriNcess UnfiNite> no more bitchin
<Brandt> good idea
<Brandt> i have 1 already
<PriNcess UnfiNite> jup
by UnfiNite February 03, 2005
Join up, to participate in something.
Kyle - Hey man, I'm gonna play some Call of Duty. You gonna J up?
Mike - Yeah bro I'm down.
by dubstepmegusta August 20, 2011
Someone who thinks their hot shit, when they really are hot shit. But at the same time they're lame for being conceited. If you know a jup he's too scared to make a move.
Hey you know Luke?
Yea, but he's a jup.
by barbie22 May 24, 2011
A mongo freak, there is nothing else needed to be said.
well atleast jup rides straighter then his sexuality.
by jfran August 12, 2008

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