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Ivornese, not to be confused with ivoronics which is more formally known as white bred ebonics, is not the equivalent of white-bred ebonics, but a completely separate dialect. It is believed to have originated in the era of Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, which begot the phrase "Too Legit to Quit." Ivornese takes about every word that's not meant to be shortened, and shortens it, to something irritating and ridiculous. Ivornese is not an expansive dialect, because the majority of it is comprised by words overused and beaten to death. Words such as legit, probs (probably), totes (totally), sketch (sketchy), watevs (whatever), etc. In addition to shortening words that don't need to be shortened, the remainder of Ivornese is comprised of heinously overused words that people have become so accustomed to saying they don't even realize when they say it (this decades new 'like'). Examples include: FAIL! (Throw some D's on it maybe?), win, bro, epic, ghetto (for everything with a little dust on it), etc.
An ivornese conversation:
Ex#1)Hey girl! I'll totes be there to pick you up in mah swaggerwagon! Probs 'round 8!

Friend: Not the swaggerwagon! That car is so ghetto with its sticky cup holders and such!

Ex#2) Damn! I forgot to ask for mustard on my sandwich!

Friend: FAIL!
by DiscoveryZone April 25, 2011
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