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Nickname usually given to a tiny adorable girl. Itsys are very caring but can also have a short temper. An Itsy is always happy and brings joy to others, also has a great sense of humor and can laugh at their mistakes which is essential because Itsys are also extremely clumsy. Itsys also tend to snort when they laugh and they're always laughing. It is hard to get an Itsy mad but when you do so all hell breaks lose! Itsys also love to eat so buy them food and they'll forever love you! To have an Itsy in your life is one of the luckiest thing that can happen to you because they are very upbeat and optimistic. Everyone loves an Itsy!!!
person 1: hey that girl is really cool!

person2: oh you mean Itsy?

person 1: yeah her
by xoch August 19, 2011

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