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When your pecker itches. Poison Ivy on the pen0r, Any situation when your dinger itches constantly.
Steve was playing in Poison Ivy and then jerked off, Now he has Itchy Dick.
by Chuck H. July 26, 2006
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That itch you get when you dump your stick in anything that walks.
I was deep in your bitch and caught that itchy dick
by Leashasie24 September 15, 2016
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When one hasn't had intercourse in months, which results desperate behavior and denial.
Jake: "Hey dude, why were you staring at tracy?"
Brad: "What do you mean?"
Jake: "Ever since you and Brenda broke up, you've been acting different."
Brad: "No, I have not. It's just your imagination."
Jake: "Someone has a case of the Itchy Dick."
by EagleWrong January 11, 2017
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