Two guys hold you down while a third one kicks out your brains.
Judging by the brains oozing out of the ears, the stiff looks like it got a dose of Italian Karate.
by Bloodystocking October 22, 2007
Top Definition
(n) an ancient art of self-defense and offense used by Italians for generations. Basically, it involves beating the shit out of someone. Then, if they are still coming at you, take out a baseball bat. If they are still coming at you, use a gun. That's it.
Italian karate is a joke, actually. Despite the stereotype, Italians are not all violent and crime-prone. They are hard-working, intelligent people. Viva Italia!!!
by New Jack Swing April 19, 2006
Male masturbation, Wanking.
" I heard Dave in the bathroom the other day giving it the old Italian Karate"
by Jackie Walker January 19, 2005
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