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Two guys hold you down while a third one kicks out your brains.
Judging by the brains oozing out of the ears, the stiff looks like it got a dose of Italian Karate.
by Bloodystocking October 22, 2007
A legal device created by the State Department to replace American software people with temporary workers from other countries (usually Indians). American software companies love workers with H1B visas because they will come here to work for dirt wages in sweat-shop conditions.
A manufacturer of barcode readers up in Everett, WA shit-canned 150 American programmers, replacing them with 150 Indians here on H1B visas -- the scum
by Bloodystocking November 27, 2007
A self-congratulatory body of bombast and bloviation passed off as autobiographies and especially designed for class reunion books and websites. Also known as arrant bullshit.
After earning my second PhD (magna cum laud), I married the love of my life and bought Andrew Carnegie's old summer house where we raised our two Harvard-bound children. The medallion from my Nobel Prize hangs above the fireplace right next to the Presidential Citation for meritorious . . .

I'm going to publish the history of my life in the Brag-o-sphere, where all you peasants can read about your betters.
by Bloodystocking March 12, 2010
To send work performed by Americans to foreign countries, or to give that work to citizens of foreign countries who live here (see H1B visa or wetback).
The goddamned boss is going to foreignize my fucking job!
by Bloodystocking October 15, 2007
Usually shouted, GLPH advises one what to do because of their idiotic actions.
After being cut off in traffic, one shouts "GLPH" at the offender.
by Bloodystocking December 01, 2007
A scuzzy, ugly, worthless and supremely stupid woman that's not worth two seconds' care or consideration. --Like a beater car.
I've got a beater bitch up in Mount Vernon. She's so bad that I wouldn't take to a shit-fight if I had first throw and could use her as ammunition.
by Bloodystocking October 12, 2007

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