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Italian girls are beautiful. Dark hair brown eyes tan skin. Most of them are bitchy and mean but are really pretty. A lot of Italian girls have big bootys and you wonder where they get those cus they white. Italian girls are the definition of = S.E.X.Y!
Hey you see those italian girls over there. They got some sexy fat asses
- yea must be all that pasta she eating
by BellaMa November 13, 2005
The best kind of girl there is. She will be your best friend, or your worst enemy. They're hot, usually dark haired & are the most beautiful girls ever. According to the Godfather "In Italy, the women are more dangerous then shotguns"
-Look at those two hot girls over there
-yea, they must be italian girls.
by bellaxo May 30, 2008
They are the most beautiful girls you will ever see. Dark hair, brown eyes and tan olive skin. The most feminine, the best looking girls in the world. They eat well, work hard and expect the very best. Italian girls are most infamous for their beauty, natural charm and inherent fashion sense.
OMG! They are so beautiful
DAMN! They must be italian girls
by ragazze October 16, 2010
Some of the hottest, sexiest girls ever, Italian girls have boobs, ass...anything a man could ever want (physically) in a girl. They usually have long, dark, and luscious hair which is just begging to be messed up ;) They usually tan easily, resulting in the well known Italian olive complexion.

Also, Italian girls tend to be extremely comfortable with their bodies, which means they wont skip a beat in removing ALL clothing whenever possible. Although there is the occasional Italian girl that is unfortunately hairy and fat, most of them take a great pride in their appearance and would NEVER EVER let that happen!

Italian girls can adopt all kinds of different styles (Preppy, Gansta, Guidette, Scene, etc.) - but either way they stay insanely attractive.
Boy 1: Dayuummm, did you see those sexy ass females that just walked by?
Boy 2: Yeah, they was attracting all the attention!!
Boy 1: Fuck, they must be Italian girls...
by sexyy_biitch July 09, 2009