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A disgusting sex act in which mozzarella cheese of the finest quality is melted upon man schlong. That cock is then dipped into a woman's vagina that is filled with marinara sauce. The man then extracts his penis, covered with cheese and marinara, and forces the woman to blow him.
"Taste Papa Luigi's finest Italian Dunker."
#italian #dunker #papa #luigi #penis #schlong
by Stesheng August 19, 2008
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The Italian Dunker is the act of deficating in a bucket, wiping your penis into the bucket full of excrement, and proceeding to write your name on the back of your partner with your scat covered meat missile.
Judy: Hey Alfred, have you ever heard of an Italian Dunker?
David: I have. Would you like one?
Judy: Fuck you dave.
#deer #bears #koreans #italian #dunker #geckos
by Th3D November 02, 2010
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