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The pairing involving Itachi Uchiha and Deidara from the Naruto fandom. Please, do note, that it is a proven fact that Deidara is male, fucktards, so ItaDei is classified as yaoi. In most fanfictions, Itachi is seme, and if not, you are mistaken for DeiIta. Also known as the SasuNaru for Akatsukitards and/or anti-Sasuke activists, ItaDei has yet to become popular within the Naruto fandom. But hell, its damn hot.
Also note that the ItaDei fandom is miniscule, as in Flava Flav tiny, but we are growing. Also, it is no where near as large as it's 'rival', SasoDei.
1) That ItaDei fanfiction was so fucking hot!

2) I wish there was more ItaDei fandom...
by JellyPie and Kimi August 18, 2007
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