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something you say to explain why you're laughing after someone just ate a food item that you gave them (that you slipped arsenic or something into).
"What's so funny, dumbass? I'm just eating this pizza."
"It's funny because it's poisonous! I just slipped a shitload of cyanide into that pizza."
"OH SHIT!!! I'm gonna kill you motherfu-" (drops dead)
by Nick D March 06, 2003
When your tripping real shrooms and some guy you dont like is tripping the bad kind of shrooms.
I hope your not laughing because this is my 1st time tripping shrooms.
No bitch it's funny because its poisonous.
by Matt Fox February 28, 2005
Something you say when a really freaky person does something funny.
Rohan: Hey, Scott, stop touching my ass!
Evan: It's funny because it's poisonous!
by Anonymous February 21, 2003

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