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abbreviation for "it is not"
used around me
"Itsnt going to be a good day"
by u_wish_u_were_me December 04, 2007
Abbreviation - "It is not" all in one handy word.
It'sn't a crappy word you just dont know how to use it.
by Steven November 21, 2004
Double contraction of "it is not"
It'sn't very right doing that.
by Omega_Ridley November 11, 2003
A contraction of the 3 separate words: it is not. Can be used in an argument to quickly gain the upper hand. A "yes-it-is, no-it-isn't" argument is quickly settled with this quick and convenient word.
Person 1: "yes, it is!"

Person 2: "no, It's'nt!"
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005