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Gloves, referencing to the ones in the OJ murders.
OJ wore isotoners when he killed a bitch.
by Zach=BAMF October 07, 2007
A outdoor rubber glove, used for gardening and yard work. The brand of gloves OJ couldn't fit on his hands during his murder trial.
Joe: I'm thinking of getting these isotoners to do some yard work

Bob: Good idea, plus if you kill someone and they get wet they'll shrink and you'll be acquitted.
by Randyt13 June 22, 2013
1.The official clothing of the treehouse.
When you get to the treehouse, drop trou, put on isotoners,and get ready to drink V8splash.(I'm gonna suck the black off your cock nigger)
by H3rritic August 27, 2008
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