the equivalent of "it is what it is" which means not even worth explaining because that's just the way it is.
JEREMIAH WRIGHT: It's not God bless America. It's goddamn America!
ME: Is is!
by we are who we are. March 29, 2008
In Jamaican slang this is the short for 'praises'. Normally used for greeting someone or to finish a conscious speech.
Isis in the name of His Majesty (here refering to Haile Selassie).
by Mad Meex September 30, 2006
The first of 5 metal puzzles offered by Sonicwarp. Each comes with a set of crypted clues to help you open the puzzle. each puzzle contains a key which will allow you to open any one of the Golden Pyramids, earning you a coin worth upto $500.
Guy: This Rubiks cube is impossible.

Chic: Those are easy, try the Isis puzzle ball. Only 5% of the people can open it.
by SoCalSteve January 26, 2009
a team of retarded girls. or a state of mental being.
Wow, i can't believe you did that, you're so dumb.

I know, i'm so isis right now.
by carlanda April 02, 2008

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