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He is the all powerful new god his name and location is unknown,but his name starts with L and we think he is from 14 to 20, the only proof we have of him is that he had killed 187 criminals that people online told him to to believe he was all powerful. Truly he is god-like, he has hinted he has red hair, of french heritage and speaks english so there are many places he could live, yet another proof of his existance is that he killed Yugi Yamamoto after Yugi called him blasphemes and said to go on his myspace and kill him. Yugi died. I was his brother, Ishida Yamamoto. I told Ishiro he was evil and then he said he did only as he asked and then said he would kill the criminal that killed my sister. He did. So now i worship him. He calls himself Ishiro because he says the night before he gained his powers he had a dream were a demon like person came and said to him "Ishiro here are your powers now kill those who disobey the law and prove yourself as God and a god you shall be of this rotting world." Ishiro said how this demon like person said this it made him angry but when he woke up he was surprisingly happy and felt better then ever, and he said he knew what he had to do.
Ishiro is God.

Ishiro is all Powerful.
by Ishida Yamamoto March 29, 2008
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