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a total loser who has no life
ishan's hangin with da crowd..scoot ova, ho. allow me some space
by Ehhh May 02, 2005
169 335
ishan is the biggest P.I.M.P ever. he is the most respected and notorious gangster alive. he owns you, your mommy, and your daddy.
Oh snap, Ishan is comin, and he's going to take my girl, my money, and and my shit. Time to run the fuck away, cause Ishan will pwn me otherwise.
by ishan's bitch December 06, 2004
452 214
I was gravely mistaken about the latter definition. Ishan is really the biggest pimp in the world. He owns everyone. Even me the all-knowing. I messed with him, and got pwned. All my stuff is gone now, except some of my clothes. He took pity on me, thank him.
"I messed with Ishan and he pwned me, but took some pity on me. Thank you Ishan."
by The All-knowing February 23, 2005
288 155
Means fagot, poofter, gayman, short penis
OMG he is so gay, what a Ishan!
by Gunathilaka December 30, 2011
39 96
What a dipstick. With Lime Disease. If that exists.
Don't touch the Ishan; you might contract its cooties.
by The All-Knowing February 22, 2005
89 258