latin for is.

"Isa my fault, yes"
by asdf66667878 November 11, 2011
Top Definition
A sweet, caring, funny, smart girl. Lots of people love her. At first, she can seem shy, quiet, and reserved, but when you get to know her and gain her trust, she is the best friend anyone could ask for. She loves to party and have fun, but cares about her grades and her sport. Loves sweet, romantic guys who will do anything for her. Many guys are secretly in love with her, but are scared to admit it for fear of being rejected. An Isa will never seriously hurt a person on purpose, but if you get on her bad side, be careful. She loves to random things and hates hypocrites. She has the ability to love strongly, isn't afraid of who she is, and any guy who has an Isa is lucky.
Guy 1: Man, I love her so much...

Guy 2: Of course, she's an Isa.
by no.idea.:) December 13, 2010
It stands for 'insha allah', in the muslim chatting world.. it's like 'okay' or 'hope so'...
<Karim> C U tomorrow

<Tamer> isa
by Sarwat Jamaluddin February 28, 2005
the cooler one of the twins, the master twin that owns the other one. she is so cool and arturo really wants to be like her, but he cant.
look! its isa! the hottest, coolest, and best person ever! poor arturo, hes so nasty.
by the queen May 31, 2004
Short for international super assassin, ISA describes any man or woman who kills others for a living, yet has not quite attained full ninja status due to the use of large BA weapons such as rocket launchers and non-suppressed light machine guns. An ISA enjoys making his or her presence known.
Jeff: Dude, Arnold Schwarzenegger is totally an ISA.
Kelly: You know he's just acting, right?
Jeff: No he's not. He couldn't have become governor without being an ISA.
by mortalesteban May 17, 2010
A girl who's all curves and deep set eyes. Always smiling and forever weird. Will give anybody the clothes off their back. Loves their little brothers and moms. Will fight for their friends, but not for themselves. Sweet to everybody they meet, even bitches and douche bags. Have a huge badonkadonks. Extremely intelligent. Gonna be rich. Has a beautiful voice, gorgeous hair, and are the funniest humans.
Guy1: WHOA! Do you see that badonkadonk?
Guy2: YES. She must be Isa.
Guy1: I wish I could do Isa...
Guy2: But she's way out of your league.
Guy1: Yeah. I KNOW.
by HannahThePoet December 22, 2011
Also known as an Improvised Sexual Attempt. When a man or woman attempts to perform a sexual act to someone when they have no fucking clue what they're doing.
Man, Sandy gave me the worst blowjob ever. She definitely pulled an ISA.
by Jonesy24 May 17, 2014
Contraction of "inshallah" or "insha Allah", literally "if God wills" or "God willing." A phrase Muslims are supposed to use whenever expressing an intention or prediction of the future, as a reminder that God is all-powerful and all human intentions are subject to His will. In practice, though, this pious thought is often used to evade personal responsibility, and when indicating an intention in conversation the actual meaning can vary all the way from "only an act of God will stop me" to "I actually have no intention of helping you/keeping this appointment/etc. and will have a stock excuse prepared if you call me on my flaking out."
"I'll be totally screwed if my computer's not working on Monday. Are you sure you can fix it by then?"


(privately) "Oh fuck."
by Lawrence of Brooklyn March 26, 2011

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