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Irving Mall

Irving Mall is a “mall” located in Irving, Texas that should be torn down to build a Supertarget. The Irving Mall was once the place to be, but that was many, many, many, years ago. Now it is just a place filled with Mexicans in muscle shirts thinking that they are at the beach, the store Eargasm, a sad excuse for a Dillard’s, a Macy’s ish store, a forever broken AMC, and ugly carpet. Do go to the Irving Mall to waste your time, and if you ever see it, DON’T look at it, drive away FAST or you will catch AIDS!
Jill: -SLAP-
Bob: Alright :D. Vistra Ridge, here we come

Tom: I really want to go find nothing but crap to buy and waste my time and wear my new muscle shirt but idk where i can do that
Pam: OMG you can go to Irving Mall!!!!
by Tritrinishha May 29, 2009
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