An important component of the protein humorglobin.
I make sure to get my daily dose of irony.
by angiki August 09, 2011
When one, in the search for an explanation of sorts, googles for JFGI.
Joe: Hey bob, whats average density of an emperor penguin?

*Bob googles "JFGI" causing his brain to explode due to an overload of irony*
by Jonathan Aird June 12, 2008
The discrepancy between reality (what happens) and perspective on reality (what you though should happen.)

What the perfect example of irony? Read Candide by Voltaire.
by someenglishstudent January 17, 2006
Buring down your house with a cigarette while you attend a "Stop Smoking" meeting.
True Story of Irony (January 31, 2009)

A lit cigarette burned a home to the ground while its occupants were attending a meeting to help them quit smoking.

Officials determined the fire was started by a cigarette that had been left burning by the 80-year-old mother of the man who owns the mobile home in San Luis Obispo, California.

The butt was left on a porch table while the two left for a health department meeting to help the woman quit smoking.

The fire caused $200,000 worth of damage.
by Nightmare January 31, 2009
When a professional golfer gets beat by his wife with golf clubs.
Tiger Woods getting beat by his wife is an example of irony.
by DC334 December 14, 2009
Whatever the situation is that you think is irony, is not. However, there is probably a cool french word that fits the exact description of what you're thinking of.
Man: Hey, I just did one thing to avoid something else, but the fact that I did that one thing actually made that something else even worse. Is this ironic?
Girl: nope, but that is a perfect example of Senaisebleuvre.
by darius sunofovich January 06, 2005
1. The greatest band ever, formed back in the 1500's to woo fair maidens, reincarnated within the souls of teenagers to again woo fair maidens and pillage and drink Malta until we puke (which doesn't take much). They play alternative/hard rock, and write incredible songs.
Did you guys hear Iron-y play on the 18th?

Yeah, I heard they were so good the crowd split up and carried them all the way home when they were finished playing, while having money and jewelry stuffed into their pockets.
by CosmosisJones September 05, 2011

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