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1. To be as such as the ice cream cone's face on the right side of the "Irony" (de)movitational picture. Where all of the ice cream cones are purchasing and licking children, and that one on the right is smiling horrendously, as if filled with nightmareish bliss.

2. To be in the state of ironic bliss, as a perfectly normal situation were inversed to a perversion of the original.
1. His smile was that of an ironoeuphoric mania. As he saw everything rotting away, and smelled the stench of burning flesh, that smile spread across his face.

2. An ironoeuphoria was spread through the dogs' poker table as they grinned at the humans begging for scraps amidst the hazy room.
by Arionos Blightcaller March 02, 2008
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