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A cult Japanese television show wherein a trio of world-renowed chefs (a quartet later in the show), each a master a particular culinary style of cooking, would do "battle" against challenger chefs from around the world to see who could create the most innovative and delectable dishes from a randomly chosen theme ingredient. The show ended its six-year run in late 1999, but is still aired in syndication on the Food Network.

Also, special once-a-year episodes are still being produced. The Morimoto/Bobby Flay battle in New York City is a prime example.
Original Iron Chef Japanese: Rokusaburo Michiba

Second Iron Chef Japanese: Komei Nakamura

Third Iron Chef Japanese: Masaharu Morimoto

Original Iron Chef French: Yutake Ishinabe

Second Iron Chef French: Hiroyuki Sakai

Iron Chef Italian: Masahiko Kobe

Iron Chef Chinese: Kenichi Chin ("Chen Kenichi" is the result of horrible dubbing, in case you're wondering about that)
by Darkest Days May 20, 2003
While having sexual intercourse with a woman, the man grips her hair in handlebars fashion. When the penetrating partner feels close to orgasm, he rips the pigtails off of his lover, ejaculates on the back of her head, and proceeds to beat the poor girl to death, using the pigtails as blunt objects and pounding them on her skull.
Girl: "Oh, have you seen that show, Iron Chef?"
Guy: "I actually do some Iron Chef stuff myself."
Girl: "You cook!?"
Guy: "Sure. Let's go back to my place and I'll show you."
by Intoxicated Turtle Fetus February 06, 2008
The coolest show ever made. ALLEZ CUISINE!
Dude, Iron Chef is coming on!
Fuck, channel 68, hurry!
by Name March 21, 2003
An amazing show that has most of the time disgusting theme ingredients such as froie gras. It also has a felid reporter whose name i beleive is fugysan but i guess thats up to the watcher everyone has a different interpretation on how his name is pronounced. The FUNNIEST VOICE OVER SHOW EVER
Fugysan we just saw iron chef sakai put a mix of ingredients in the pan

yes it was froie gras, a mix of soy sause and mustard and pork
by 14 inch cock March 10, 2005

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