Shitty ass canoe made from iron or another shitty metal
That canoe is a fucking iron lung.
by Isaac's canoe blows April 16, 2007
Bomb ass canoe, made of metal, often manned by 3 kids. cant be stopped by trees, or rushing water. fights currents on roads to then be pictured by the newspaper
Dude the Iron Lung is so bomb it made the associated Press!
by Isaac D Wilkins April 16, 2007
One that smokes so much majijuana that their lungs become as strong as iron.
Korey Definately has some mad iron lungs!
by Hojo Mow May 19, 2003
A groupe of gnar gnar skiiers and snowboarders that shred the east coast... yes we are your heros!
Woah.. the iron lung kids are soo sick!
by j-money January 09, 2005
A man with the capability to smoke joint after joint
"Dude, I've got a bruised lung after smoking with Jorden "Iron Lung" Collins"
by Akuji September 16, 2015

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