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A slang term used by Southern Back Country Hicks in Pocomoke, MD. Pocomoke is located along the Eastern Shore in Maryland and consist of Chicken coops and Potato Farms. Many have said it smells of chicken shit from 30 miles away. Many residents believe they are ghetto and are in denial about the fact they are wiggers.
Hick One: Yo man where do you party at down here in P-City?
Hick Two: Man we chill in the Walmarts parkin' lot and drink in tha back of our pick-ups.
by J-Money October 01, 2004
AZs record label or this cat Half-A-Mil's track, referring to money made on the low
Quiet money retired money
Earth, Wind & Fire money, or quiet money
You wanna die, try it money
Seven six and five money
Live money, Ill Click to ride from me
by j-money November 22, 2004
crunk + fantastic = crunktastic
also crunkalicious, crunktacular
these are cracker words
that movie was crunktastic
by j-money August 28, 2004
its a combination of shizzle and nizzle... it saves time and its crunk
fo shnizzle (instead of fo shizzle my nizzle)
fo shneezy (instead of fo sheezy my neezy)
by j-money August 28, 2004
originating from a high school basketball player, has taken on the meaning loser or faggot
That kid over there is souch a rousser, who dances like that?
by J-Money March 15, 2005
The most amazing letter. This letter is loved by many including Rico Suave, and his friends.
::Awkward Silence::
yes you've used it right.
by J-money February 14, 2004
substitute for the word nigger used by stupid crackers when around black people to avoid ass beatings
holy shit theres MMMgers everywhere
by j-money August 30, 2004

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