to pertain an irish air about it
sexy lady no1: man jayce is just the hottest thing
sexy lady no2: yeah i heard he's irish!
sexy lady no1: let's go bask in his irishness (becons jayce over with her index finger)
sexy lady no2: and then we can have a threesome!
jayce: hell no bitch, you're ugly and you pull your thong up to your titties.
sexy lady no1: ouch..burn. oh well more irishness for me!
by 143 KB April 11, 2006
Top Definition
Definition/Usage: Usually said when you think something is awesome...
Background: Comes from the Matt/Manda term Irish,meaning awesome, and -ness, meaning "over the top"
That is so totally Irishness, bizzotch!!
by M@ April 25, 2005
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